My very new online class I made because so many of you asked about this amazing characters! 


ONE class. TWO characters. Dozens of new techniques and knowledge in this 49-minute video. 

What do we learn in this video?
- How to cut out a cookie WITHOUT A CUTTER
- How to mix the royal icing
- Royal icing consistencies: all about FLOOD, MEDIUM and STIFF consistencies!

- How to do dress ruffles using a TIP
- HOW TO COLOR Royal icing: 2 different face colors, 3 different pink colors and much more!

- Using a PROJECTOR to transfer an image onto the cookie & to PAINT ON IT
- Painting on a cookie with gel colorings

- Decorating with glitter dust, petal dust
- Highlighting


You need to have a projector (ANY brand) and some experience in cookie decorating to follow all instructions. 


Cookies are made with my honey shortbread dough recipe (click here to buy it for $2 only!) The most moisture and flavoury cookies, great choice for decorating!


Once you buy this online class, you can download it to your computer and It's forever available for you. 

Learn from anywhere, on any device, at any time.



LOL DOLLS cookies (2 characters)

16,00 ₽Цена
  • Format of the videos is .zip

    You can open and store them on your computer once you download them to our computer. You have 30 days to download the file.

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    Here's the help!

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